What’s new with Pantone Ink Colors for 2015?

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Color

In print design, we use either “process color” inks called CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow or black) OR Pantone color inks. The Pantone matching system is a universal numbering system for inks used by designers. This numbering system of inks allows designers and companies to select specific logo colors and other colors that companies identify with their brand. The exact color can be duplicated anywhere in the world due to the Pantone system. Pantone inks are premixed inks and range in categories from coated and uncoated paper inks to metallic inks and pastel colored inks. Once dominating the graphic design and print industry, Pantone is now a leader of color in many other industries, including furniture, paint, plastics, and clothing.

Read the articles below on Pantone colors, answer the following questions and post your comments:

How significant of a role do colors play in our daily lives (i.e., clothing, furniture, household appliances, cars, etc.)? Do you believe that Pantone or any company can influence color trends in society through advertising and marketing?

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