What’s new with Pantone Ink Colors?

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Color

In print design, we use either “process color” inks called CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow or black) OR Pantone color inks. The Pantone matching system is a universal numbering system for inks used by designers. This numbering system of inks allows designers and companies to select specific logo colors and other colors that companies identify with their brand. The exact color can be duplicated anywhere in the world due to the Pantone system. Pantone inks are premixed inks and range in categories from coated and uncoated paper inks to metallic inks and pastel colored inks. Once dominating the graphic design and print industry, Pantone is now a leader of color in many other industries, including furniture, paint, plastics, and clothing.

Read the articles below on Pantone colors, answer the following questions and post your comments:

How significant of a role do colors play in our daily lives (i.e., clothing, furniture, household appliances, cars, etc.)? Do you believe that Pantone or any company can influence color trends in society through advertising and marketing?

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  1. lcuscani says:

    I think colors play a big role in our daily lives. Take someone’s mood for example, if you see a bright, lively color on anything (clothes, advertisments, nature) you are going to be in a better mood than if you see a dull, dreary color. In society we use colors to indicate so many things, white for a wedding, black for a funeral, red for stop, green for go, etc. These colors have become synonymous with different thoughts and feelings. As for whether or not companies can influence color trends, I’m not sure. I guess the trends have to originate from somewhere, and they don’t just come out of nowhere. So someone, somewhere must have suggested that this color looks good now, or will look good in the future, for some type of industry, whether it be fashion or advertising.

  2. meghanwernimont says:

    I believe that color plays a significant role in our daily lives because it catches your eye and brings out energy. Color is really important because whether it be in advertising, clothing, or furniture it adds something to make it more visually appealing. I also believe that Pantone as well as other companies can influence color trends in society because it will teach people more about the importance of color and make it more beneficial for areas such as fashion., graphic design, advertising, and marketing.

  3. kevinlewis28 says:

    Not only can color grab someone’s attention, but it can capture mood, and focus, and even personality. Pantone can most certainly have an impact on color trends in society. Pantone plays their part in color for half of all garments sold in the U.S. I would say then, that they definitely play a role in color trends in society.

  4. mollydahl says:

    Before having any knowledge regarding color, I did not think twice about what what kind of color, shade, tint, or swatch I was using in designing and advertising. After reading and learning about Pantone colors, I have found that colors play an important role in our daily lives. When picking out clothing in the morning, I tend to dress in colors that match my mood or the weather. For ‘good’ days, I wear bright colors, versus ‘bad’ days when I wear dark colors. The same is for furniture. People often choose colors to match the environment of the room. I also agree with the article that brighter colors, like the new Honeysuckle, bring out passion, energy, and strong emotion in us. I also believe that companys can influence color trends in society. The second article stated that if, especially, designers do not follow the trend, they might not be as successful. Our society tends to feed off of one another and when influential companys or businesses make statement, it is usually best to follow.

  5. darceysweeney says:

    I believe that ‘color’ is how we express ourselves; color is a way for us to show what appeals to our own eye. Whether it’s how you dress, how your house is decorated, or a specific detail on an advertisement that catches the eye, these are all based off of what appeals to us and how we express it.
    I believe Pantone has already influenced society. I think there could be changes or improvements; add more colors. Moreover, without Pantone we couldn’t universally refer to or choose a color that everyone could adapt to easily.

  6. edmcnick says:

    I like the idea of having a numbered color system, because it makes finding the color that you want so much easier. Using RGB can be over welming at times trying to find just the right combination, then that becomes even harder when you through a forth color into the mix with CMYK. Pantone makes finding the right color and being able to go back to that color on other projects so much easier, than fooling around with diferent combinations that are close but not what your looking for.

  7. andrewmikolaichik says:

    Colors play a very important part in our daily lives. From the moment we wake up we are a using color to convey our moods and feelings. We pass by advertisements that grab our attention based and the colors that are used. I think that the Pantone company is influencing color trends without realizing. The company has no competiton when it comes to seting a standard in color organization. Products can be produced anywhere around the world using their numbering system. This allows companies to make sure the color they see in their offices is the color products will be shipped to them finished from suppliers half way around the world. This also applies for advertising and marketing for the same reasons. A advertisement printed in one office can be printed again again with the same exact results anywhere.

  8. Jeff Katra says:

    I think that the only thing that even compares to colors importance in advertising is typography, but it still doesn’t come close to color. There are so many colors around us that we come into contact everyday. Most of them are just secondary to us because we see them constantly. I think thats why it is very difficult for companies and agencies to decide what colors they will use in their ads to make them stand out from the rest of the world. Certain colors produce different moods so agencies need to know what moods are conveyed at certain times of the year. I believe however that with the right campaign an agency can easily start a trend in color.

  9. David Castro says:

    Colors play a big role in everything! It sets the mode and it can make or break everything, stores, products, etc. Any company that makes big sales can change the way other industries pick their colors for their products. Colors are like any other trend, if it works people will use it buy and love it until a new trend comes out.

  10. Colors play a huge role in our daily lives. Waking up every morning deciding what color shirt and what color shoes I am going to wear is how I personally start my day. If its nice outside then I wear bright and fun colors to reflect that day, but if its rainy and cloudy then I would wear darker colors.

    I do think Pantone can influence color trends in society. They are creating a “artificial language” that can be used in various trends. In the The Business Of Color: Company Sets Fashion Trends article when they gave the example of the client calling in and giving the Pantone code. This is a good example of how having these codes makes it very easy for companies to work with one another.

  11. seanaserrian says:

    I think colors do play a significant role in our daily lives even though we may not always realize it. Colors are everywhere, and many of us base our daily decisions on colors such as when we first wake up in the morning and ask ourselves “what should I wear today?” There are even certain colors, or lack of color that we are expected to wear to different events in our culture, such as black to a funeral, or a bride wearing white on her wedding.
    Yes I think Pantone or any company can influence trends in society. Marketing and advertising tell consumers what they should wear or buy, and consumers tend to listen. For example, many young women read fashion magazines, and if that magazine says a certain color or fashion trend is “in” for that season many readers will listen.