Typography Tips for Logos

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Logo Design, Typography

Using CONTRAST in typography can be the most intriguing and captivating part of your design – whether it’s in a logo or a poster. Contrasting font sizes and weights are key attributes to effective visual communication. In addition to contrast, focus on alignment of your words to create a better balance and symmetry.

  • Experiment with very tight lettering or very loose lettering.
  • Experiment with large and small words.
  • Try stacking words and aligning the left and right edges of your words.
  • Sketch design after design before using the computer.
  • Use a thesaurus or dictionary to stretch your imagination for symbols and meanings of the words that you want to convey.
  • Conduct visual research throughout the brainstorming process.
green business



PG Dorm

What makes these logos attractive? Do you have a favorite logo design? If so, which logo is it and why?

  1. seanaserrian says:

    The fonts and different shades of green make these logos attractive. My favorite is the Green Meetings logo. I like the creativity and simplicity of it.

  2. lcuscani says:

    I don’t like the first logo, it seems very plain to me and not very creative. I also don’t like the font or the color. My favorite is the third logo because I like the color combination as well as the font combination and the different bold style of the words.

  3. mollydahl says:

    I think all three of the logos are simple and plain. My favorite logo is the second one. I think it is different than the others and the design is unique. I like the different shades of green being used and the font.

  4. I think the green meetings logo is most effective. I like the subtle contrast in greens. It is simple, straight forward and easy to have engraved in your mind.

  5. meghanwernimont says:

    The ability to effectively use the right font and color really makes each of the logos attractive. They each present a simple and creative logo which fits for the going green aspect. My favorite is the second one because its simple with the green leaf with the people standing on it. I like the contrast of the green colors used for leaf and font.

  6. edmcnick says:

    I like the middle logo and the logo on the right. They both are good examples of good logos. I think the first one is pretty plain and not very original.

  7. jeimers says:

    A good design technique is the ability to reproduce your logo or image at various sizes from very small (business card) to extremely large (billboard). Each of these logos could probably be reproduced easily because the typography is clean and sharp. They all use some sort of alignment, which helps the viewer read it easier. The second one reminds me of Sears.

  8. The green meetings logo is most attractive to me. My eye can easy flow through the design that uses a light readable text and the picture goes well with the theme. The first and last logo my eye gets lost between the contrasting colors and the amount of text. The Green Meetings logo is the most straightforward and to the point.

  9. genesamarie says:

    i like the green business, I think having business in a different color pops and it doesn’t look bland than having logos in all green

  10. andrewmikolaichik says:

    The logos above are attractice but the simple use of contrasting colors and unity of colors. I like the first logo the best because it is simple and its the only one that has different colors to grab your attention.

  11. David Castro says:

    They all have the idea of nature and it is kept very simple and clean. the 3rd one is my favorite because I think the contrast and the flower makes it stand out.

  12. kevinlewis28 says:

    The green business logo is simple, clean, and neat. I really like the line with the leaf at the bottom. I would have chosen lighter colors for both green and blue to make it light and airy like nature.

  13. Jeff Katra says:

    Personally green to me is a boring color. It obviously gets the message across with protecting the environment, but it’s used so often that these types of logos just blend into the crowd. The second one is my favorite because of its creativity, however I believe that this logo won’t resonate anywhere beyond this blog. I want to figure out a way to express the message of going green without the dominance of the color green. I feel this would create something truly original, and not blend in with the millions of “green” logos out there.