About Professional Design for Print & Digital Media

COMM 345 focuses on designing captivating layouts with effective visual and verbal messaging for print and digital media. You will access professional organizations, trade magazines, scholarly articles, blogs and newspapers as resources to learn more about the study of visual communication. You will examine how design and typography have an impact on our culture and how our culture has an impact on design. In addition, professional business issues such as crowdsourcing and freelancing will be explored. You are expected to participate in the required blog readings with responses.

Color, typography, and design principles will be discussed. Professional, innovative, creative designs for print and web with effective messaging should be your goal with every project and assignment. You will use Adobe InDesign primarily for layout and Illustrator and Photoshop for creating graphics and manipulating images.


Now, let’s talk about you… Each of you possesses a unique personality and style that will be creatively expressed through your work. To discover your unique style, please take the quiz below and comment. Was the style correct? What is your style? Can that style apply to any type of layout/designs you create?


  1. After taking the quiz, I was categorized as the type of “Dot Matrix.” This type consists of tiny little dots, all forming the letters. This text could possibly fit my personality because there are lots of elements going towards forming one letter. It fits my personality because there are a lot of character traits that go into making me the person I am. I do not have lots of design experience, but I could see this style being implemented into my future projects because it is an interesting text that could draw someone’s eye to the project.

    • adammcgahee says:

      My type was archer hairline. It definitely seemed to embody my personality type being poised, yet emotional at the same time. I liked the quiz, it was very interactive.

    • karissakross says:

      After completing the quiz and answering each category best relating to me it gave me a font that i believed was completely boring and unattractive and something i would probably never ever use for anything relating to me. Im not a professional dealing with design implements but i would 100 percent decide to use a different font if asked to relate one closest to my character and attitude.

  2. My type was Archer Hairline. While this style is classy and seems elegant and emotional, I don’t know that I would be able to apply that type style to anything I design. I think it would be rather difficult.

  3. Lettres Ornees was my style. This style definitely suits my personality. This kind of type is used a lot for book covers. It is too ornate to be commonly used for most things. This kind of font is used mostly for accent and decoration.

  4. The result of my quiz was Marina Script. It has soft curves and a feminine feel. It is romantic and traditional. I believe that to be part of my personality. I would use this type if I was making something appear aged and formal. I love how the font has it’s own unique lines and never feels stiff. It moves softly almost like wind along the grass or water on a lake. I believe that unique style may not change but does differ depending on emotion. This font puts me almost in a fairytale. A place where anything is possible and dreams come true.

  5. After the completion of the quiz, I found out that I apparently fit into the Perpatua Titling Light style. The design of the font displayed at the end of the quiz was very straightforward and traditional, with thin lines and fancier edges. I must admit, I found the font to be pretty appealing. This is most likely because I feel sometimes that the more simple a design is, the better. This way, it can appeal to a wider audience. I felt as though my answers of Rational, Understated, Traditional and Disciplined were accurate and the Perpetua Titling Light style suits me well.

  6. The style I received was Cooper Black Italic, which I believe to be very similar to the type of design style I use. I think after listening to the style that I could apply it to any of the pieces I create and believe I have applied them in the past. At first I believed it to be odd and never thought that it could accurately predict my type of style. But I believe I do apply a progressive and relaxed approach to my work, always trying to make things different and pushing to design things differently than designs I have seen in the past. I think it was also interesting that it was the third highest style picked for people who took the quiz, showing that many more people share the same style that I do.

  7. The style that I got after taking the quiz was Dot Matrix. I don’t think that the style was correct because I wouldn’t use it in any of the projects that we compelete in this class during the semester. I am only some of those things he discribed about Dot Matrix. It’s not a bad font but I just don’t think it discribes my personality in the right way. My style is more laied back and free. I like to do things my way and put some of the crativity that I think is right into my work. Yes I think the style that I am can apply to any type of layout and designs that I create.

  8. The style I ended up being was Pistill Roman. I believe this style was correct for me because it was about someone who is traditional/disciplined. This style also has the characteristic of someone who likes order all the time. Although I do not demand everything be in order all the time, I’m less stressed when things are. This style can be applied to any layouts or demands associated with the characteristics of traditional/disciplined.

  9. When asked the questions during the little video, I chose Emotional, Assertive, Traditional and Relaxed and the quiz told me that I am Lettres Ornees. In the video it says that if I am someone who “loves to dance, but on a double-reinforced, triple-certified floor,” then the font is for me. To be honest, I do not really know what that means. This style is nice, but would not be a font I would use very often. It is an old, dry font and unless I was creating something from the 1500’s, I would rarely ever use it. I tend to lean towards more modern and edgy fonts, so to me, this style was incorrect.

  10. Sean McGowan says:

    My name is Sean and the type that best suits me is Plastica. The german man said that I am quiet and wish to be heard from more often. I think that this kind of resembles my style since most things I create portray a message to the audience. I am a loud and obtruce type of person socially, but in my designs the type and illustration do the talking for me.

  11. My style is the dot matrix style. The quiz I took was something I have never seen before but, it was interesting. The style I got could be very limited in what designs it could be used for, to me. The first thing that came into mind was the numbers on a score board. I am very big into sports and know a lot about them so I feel that is a good connection. So maybe designing something with sports or a scoreboard would be a good idea.

  12. After taking the quiz, my style was said to be dot matrix. I don’t know much about it but assume with the answers that I gave that it is correct. Dot Matrix seems to be very specific with a progressive, relaxed style so applying it to a design that’s supposed to be bold and traditional wouldn’t fit.

  13. I think the quiz was interesting because it aimed to pinpoint your style in only 4 questions, which resulted in my style of “Architype Van Doesburg”. I think for the most part this is my style: very bold, clean, yet powerful. The fact that this font is formed in a way that each character uses the same amount of space no matter the letter, is so deep, creative, and very rich in design. I’m sure that there is another font that my equally fit my style, like Pistilli Roman.

  14. Em Kat Sep says:

    I think this quiz was really fun, because it was actually like you were interacting with the guy. Even though there were just 4 questions, they were very precise and to the point. After taking the quiz, my result was ” Cooper Black Italic”. I really like this font a lot, I think that it goes well with my personality. It looks laid back, yet sophisticated with the smooth serifs. Very cool!

  15. I LOVED the quiz! I thought it aimed right to the point. My style was archai hairline, and it basically meant that I am a bold person, but at the same time I am very emotional (which is very true).

  16. The quiz left me with the type dot matrix, a very mathematical font which I feel does not fit my personality. It almost looks like a Sci-Fi font and does not seem to match up with my answers of relaxed, emotional, understated. As far as progressive I can see that it does fit that category. The video was creative and tried to put personality into a font.

  17. adammcgahee says:

    My type was archer hairline. It definitely seemed to embody my personality type being poised, yet emotional at the same time. I liked the quiz, it was very interactive.

  18. After taking the quiz, my style was Van Doesburg. This style, I feel, is very uptight with all capital letters being used. I do agree however that spacing should be equal between letters and words such as the stye of Van Doesburg. I can see myself using this style of type, but not all the time.

  19. After taking the quiz, my type was titled “Architype Van Doesburg.” Overall, the quiz was simple but creative in a way that it only needed to ask us four questions to easily decipher which style we were. A few of the questions which I felt I could answer right away, really made me think so I could make the right decision and receive a fitting type in the end. My type claimed I have strength of form, I am progressive, disciplined and assertive. I believe that all of these words describe me perfectly.

  20. My type was archer hairline. It definitely seemed to embody my personality type being poised, yet emotional at the same time. I liked the quiz, it was very interactive.

  21. Matt Madison says:

    I got Bifur for my type, it works for me, i actually like the look of it, kind of runic

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